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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Recruiter's View: Top Hiring Insights of 2017

According to a June New York Times article, “We may be closer to full employment than it seemed.” Based on the May jobs report, the source asserts the possibility that this is as good as it will get for the United States labor market. Why? Slowed job growth with 121,000 new positions as the three-month average, and an all-time low of 4.3 percent for the unemployment rate - not because of more people finding work - but because of modest wage increases and a labor force that has been shrinking for the last few years.

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This dynamic is particularly apparent in the executive, managerial and professional job market where many companies are focused on expanding, but are finding it difficult to locate enough skilled talent. In this sector, which has been candidate-driven for several years, the lack of skilled talent is further complicated by top candidates who feel free to reject job offers and accepting offers from other companies. So as a hiring authority, what can you do to improve your odds of bringing in the talent that you seek?

The 2017 Hiring Sentiment Study conducted by MRINetwork, reveals that the inability to find quality talent coincides with lengthy hiring practices, lower than expected compensation, and an employer sentiment that candidates should be honored to be considered for their job opportunities. Retention is also challenging, as high performers recognize more jobs are available and feel more confident about pursuing them.

Based on the Study findings, the following are the top hiring insights for employers to know:

Insight #1: It really is a candidate-driven market.
MRI Network recruiters have been observing the shift to a candidate-driven market over the last five years and the according to the survey, 90 percent of recruiters still feel the professional labor market is candidate-driven in most industry sectors. By contrast, 47 percent of employers believe companies have the upper hand. The reality is the best candidates have other job options, so your value proposition must clearly articulate how coming on board would benefit their career. Assuming that candidates should feel lucky to be invited for an interview with your company is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made when trying to attract top talent.

Insight #2: Compensation has become the top deciding factor for high performers who are looking to make a job move.
Recruiters, employers and candidates agree that advancement opportunities and better compensation packages are the most important factors to candidates looking for a job. Over 50 percent of candidates selected competitive compensation packages most often, followed by advancement opportunities, suggesting that compensation is the deciding factor when considering a new job. Across all respondents, compensation was also one of the primary reasons an offer was rejected, along with the candidate accepting another offer. Ultimately, compensation needs to be competitive enough to convince high performers to leave their current employers.

Insight #3: Rejected job offers matter in a talent short economy.
Almost half of surveyed employers said offer rejection percentages were between 1 - 10 percent. While this may seem like a small amount, every bit of lost talent matters when there is a shortage of qualified candidates in many industries. Compensation is not the only reason for offer rejections; frequently it is the interview process itself. It’s critical to provide a streamlined and positive interview process that keeps applicants informed of where they stand every step of the way. Most importantly, everyone on the interviewing team should be providing consistent messaging about the role, and clearly articulating why your company culture and values make it an enviable place to work.

Insight #4: Workplace expectations have changed.
Today’s top performers want more out of life than the standard 9-5, in-office work scenario. Fifty-five percent of surveyed candidates said work-from-home options are somewhat to extremely important to them. Additionally, an “emphasis on work-life balance” was the second most selected attribute by candidates who are consider a job move this year. While the tendency may be to think that candidates want to work less, or that working from home will decrease productivity, top talent want to work more efficiently, any time, and from anywhere. Providing this flexibility is not only attractive to prospective hires, but also creates the potential for happier, engaged employees who feel their work life does not overshadow personal interests and obligations.

Insight #5: Most companies aren’t prepared for upcoming surge in Baby Boomers retirements.
When asked to describe the upcoming onset of large-scale Baby Boomer retirements, employers and recruiters agreed that most businesses are not prepared for the workforce changes involved with preparing for baby boomer departures. Employers also feel that programs will need to be developed to retain Baby Boomers to alleviate some of this pressure. Organizations that are able to prioritize succession planning and career-pathing now by making it part of their company culture will be better able to respond to baby boomer retirements.

When you consider these 5 hiring insights, it’s clear how they may be impacting your ability to attract top talent in an already tight candidate market. The hiring landscape and candidate expectations have changed. Companies that want to attract and retain the best talent, will need to revisit their interviewing and talent management approaches, to position themselves as a great place to work.

To view the complete Study and a short video recap of these hiring insights that can be easily distributed to others in your organization responsible for hiring, visit

Monday, July 17, 2017

We're Hiring Recruiters!

Are you ready to take on a professional challenge on a national scale
without having to move to the big city?

Principal Resource Group, a Shepherd Search Group Company, is an established executive recruiting firm with long-term clients specializing in civil engineering, environmental, and construction related fields. Currently seeking an Executive Recruiting Specialist.  This is an opportunity for an individual who takes pride in personal success and who can take initiative to leverage existing clients and an outstanding market reputation to thrive.  The successful candidate will have a proven track record in sales, willingness to be a team player, excellent written and oral communication skills, intermediate/advanced computer skills, and a sense of humor.  Entry-level and experienced positions are available. 

Account Executive: Use your sales skills to develop and maintain relationships with our clients and make a difference in people’s lives.  Work with clients to identify staffing needs and manage the recruitment process from finding candidates through communicating offers.  The Account Executive position generally requires at least 2 years success in Business to Business sales and a Bachelor’s degree.

Project Coordinator – Executive Recruitment: Great people skills and the ability to communicate well over the phone are a key part of this position.  Work with Account Executives to recruit qualified candidates by conducting complex internet research, sourcing, interviewing, screening, and referring candidates for client companies’ openings.  The Project Coordinator position generally requires a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) plus two years in sales or marketing.

As an executive search consultant with Principal Resource Group you will:
·        Have access to the best training in the industry
·        Enjoy a family oriented work environment with flexibility
·        Control your earning potential with an excellent compensation and benefits package
·        Work in an office with opportunity for advancement

Explore the world of executive recruitment at Principal Resource Group – the career you impact the most will be your own.  To apply, contact Kelli Newnan at 530-478-6478 or
About Principal Resource Group
Since 1999, Principal Resource Group has provided executive recruiting services to civil engineering, environmental, and construction companies across the United States.  Our clients are small and large consulting firms, leading national engineering firms, and companies with global engineering projects. We are part of the MRINetwork™, one of the largest and most successful recruiting organizations in the world.

Principal Resource Group specializes in recruiting executives, managers, and technical specialists in the Civil Engineering, Environmental, and Construction disciplines, including: Water/Wastewater, Water Resources, Municipal/Public Works, Power/Transmission, Renewable Energy, Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation/Traffic, Construction Management, Hydraulics/Hydrology, Geology/Hydrogeology, Structural, Mechanical/Electrical, and General/Civil.

For Companies:  Our recruiters are experienced professionals who understand the civil and environmental engineering communities.  Our goal is to introduce you to professionals who can make a long-term contribution to your firm.

For Candidates: Our recruiters are proud to provide personalized and confidential services to professionals with all levels of experience in the civil and environmental engineering industries.  We want to know you and your career goals so we can introduce you to opportunities that will inspire and challenge you.