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Thursday, March 23, 2017

PRG Celebrates National Surveyors Week!

Natl Surveyors Week

In celebration of National Surveyors Week, PRG would like to give this shout-out to Surveyors for their many contributions to our modern world.

There are many golden nuggets in history that have been created through surveying.  One of my favorite stories is how Thomas Jefferson, a surveyor himself, sent Lewis & Clark trekking through unknown lands to map new territory and secure some of that territory for the USA before European leaders laid claim. Working with surveyors on a daily basis, I know that many share my passion for history and, especially, the impact of surveying on history.  Thank you!

In present time, it is fascinating how each individual surveyor is making a contribution and impacting the future of this dynamic and ever-changing profession. What motivates you in this profession and what are some of your future career goals?

It could be exciting to advance in your career during this celebratory time!  We have some exceptional growth and leadership opportunities for surveyors throughout California!  I'd like to talk with you about your career, the potential of working with your organization, or seeing if we can help professionals who you know.

How are you celebrating National Surveyors Week?  I'd love to know! 

On a fun note...

Did you know that there is a perfect scavenger hunt for surveyors that you can play when at Disneyland?  I learned this last year when attending a CLSA meeting from an up-and-coming surveyor who told me he had made a point to look for the specially stamped survey markers on his trip there.  Next time you are there I dare you to take on the challenge of finding all of the survey markers that are placed around the Disneyland properties.

Here are some links that we found to be insightful and fun to share as well:

Please give me a call at (530) 470-2985 so that we may collaborate about surveying and other opportunities. 

Stephanie (Levesque) Shimek
Account Executive

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Change is required if the Structural Engineering profession is to thrive in the future.

Interesting article stating change is required if the Structural Engineering profession is to thrive in the future.
The public generally takes the safety of the structures around them for granted, and for good reason. A landmark study by Robert E. Melchers in 1987 compared the annual risk of death due to a variety of activities. He found that smoking is a high-risk activity, with about 1,000 deaths/million smoker...

BLS Predicts Number of Engineering Jobs to Grow

BLS predicts 3% growth or the creation of 67,200 new jobs for the engineering field from 2017 to 2024. Great news for all the engineers who we work with!